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These are the past projects I did during my undergraduate year:

If you have any question, please send me an email: research@derrickcheng.com


A Simple Cryptography System

Cryptography is an interesting subject. When I studied linear algebra, I found that it is possible to apply it into cryptography area. Therefore, I wrote a simple program to implement this idea. This program is written using JAVA. Here are the source:

cryptography.zip (Zip, 12KB)

*This project was done in 2001.


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A Hardware Data Compression System

There are many compression algorithm available today, but most of them are implemented in software. However, they can be implemented in hardware with a faster time. This compression system will be implemented using VHDL and Xess XSA-100 FPGA Board.

A presentation slide is available:

(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 295 KB)

*This project won the 2nd Place in the UIUC Engineering Open House (EOH - 2003).


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A Hardware Secret Agent Message System

This is my final design project I did in my digital circuit design class, ECE 249 Digital Systems Laboratory. The message system is implemented using VHDL and Xess XSA-100 FPGA Board. It provides different functions for different level of users. For example, Administrator has a higher access power than regular user. The system includes some basic communication functions such as sending, receiving and deleting messages. Also, the system provides cryptography to ensure that the message is secured during transmission.

*This is a final project of ECE 249: Digital Circuit Laboratory at UIUC, summer of 2002.


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Disaster on disaster: The Quebec Bridge

The Quebec Bridege(Quebec, Montreal) had been collapsed twice within ten years. This paper discusses and investigates the failure through its design, structure, construction method, material and management.

*This is a project presentation of Engineering Design at HVCC, spring of 2000.


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Is"sin x = 2" solvable?

If you ask a question of your fellow math students, "What is the range of the sine function, sin x ?'', typically they will give you the same answer: -1 <= sin x <= 1. Surprisingly, this is not correct unless you are talking to a "beginning student'' of trigonometry who is not aware on the complex plane. If the domain of the sine function is extended to the complex plane, then the range will be extended to include any complex number. In short, the equation "sin x = 2" can be solved.

*This is a conference presentation in Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (HRUMC - 2001).


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